Hi! I'm Junior Clizbe, I’m a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified personal trainer. I’ve been a high level elite athlete my entire life, which has lead to my passion in wanting to help others reach their fitness goals.  

I wear many hats, and attribute to many roles within the wellness industry. I'm CEO/Founder of Klass Nutrition, and SportMedicine PRO. Klass Nutrition is a startup based out of the Pacific North West, with a primary focus on creating innovative nutraceuticals to improve Neuro an Physio health. Further information on Klass Nutrition can be found at, Klassnutrition.com 

Along with growing a nutrition company, I pursue a passion in the Sports Medicine field, as an exercise specialist. I've accomplished certifications through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), in attaining a CPT, CES, and PES. Currently Pursuing an EIM and CPT with ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) as well. My professional exercise services can be found at nwsportsmedicine.com 

When I'm not working on my businesses, I'm soaking in the meaning of life, which is family! I'm a proud Dad and husband. I'm beyond blessed for my family, and the support they give. Embracing the outdoors, seeking adventure, and serving my family in every way possible gives me the most joy, and drives me to be a better person everyday.